Octa Air Antenna Review

Octa Air Antenna Review

Octa Air Free Tv Channels

Octa Air is a latest released television setup box like antena to distribute free Tv Channels to the Tv’s. Now a days if we want to watch Tv Channels means we have to pay some money to the Dth Services by monthly basis or yearly basis. Now Octa Air says we will give free channels to watch in Tv’s.

Features of Octa Air Antenna :-

  • Octa Air Designed for Indoor Use.
  • PictureQuality is 1080p HD Tv
  • Octa Air Antenna Was in Black Colour
  • It’s Indoor Antenna
  • 295 x 75mm Size
  • 86 grams
  • 50Km Range

How to Connect Octa Air to Tv :-

Octa Air is very easy to start they will give small set-up box with port. The box weight is 85 grams so we can easily carry anywhere. Frist attach the box on the wall and insert the port and connect to the Tv.

Octa Air will take signals from multi directionally and it will take channels signals from 50km. So we can watch free channels with clear 1080p quality.

Octa Air Tv Channels :-

Octa Air will shows the free channels only which was called as non premium channels. So we can watch local channels

Pros of Octa Air :-

  1. 1080p High Definition Quality
  2. Gathering 50Km Distance Range Signals
  3. One Time Payable method

Cons of Octa Air :-

  1. If We Purchase Three Octa Air Boxes we will get Discount

Conclusion :- I highly recommend to buy Octa Air Box.

If you have any questions and doubts about Octa Air Antenna please comment below.

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